Tan Through Clothing

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Tan-Through Swimwear Tanning Tips
1. Please use appropriate sun protection as you can burn through the suit! Make sure you apply sunscreen on previously unexposed skin to avoid redness and sunburn.

2. Use an SPF 6-10 or higher sunscreen on exposed skin to compensate for the slight SPF differential of the suit. 

3. The peak tanning hours (where UV rays are the strongest), are between 10:30 and 3pm. This can also differ depending on where you are located and your skin pigmentation.

4. It would be best practices to moderate your initial exposure to the sun until you have built up a base tan. This will help protect you from sunburning. Nice and easy is the rule so you don't over do it your first day. The tan will happen naturally as you go about your activities so there is no need to force it. 

5. Try covering an area of skin under your tan-through suit. We suggest using a band-aid or something else that is nontransparent. After a day of sun tanning, remove it and compare the covered area to the skin around it. You should see a difference in your skin shade if done correctly.
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