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Frequently Asked Questions about Tan-Through Swimwear
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How does the tan through fabric work?
The unique patent-pending fabric used in Cooltan tan-through swimwear is made with a special knitting technology that creates millions of tiny pores in the fabric. These pores allow approximately half of the sun's light to pass through the tan suits to approximately the same degree as a medium level sunscreen.

Can I get a sunburn through the tan through suit?
Yes. The fabric works like a medium level sunscreen, which means it’s like wearing an
SPF # 6-10 and it is possible to burn though this level of sun protection. Please keep in mind this also depends on your skin pigmentation, heat index and time of day. Please moderate your initial exposure to the sun until you have a base tan that will help protect you further from sunburn. Prepare for tanning just as you would if you were going to lay out without a tan-through suit. Remember, vacations and outdoor activities should be fun!

Can I see through the Tan-Through Swimsuits?
Cooltan Swimsuits are not see-through when wet, nor when dry. Although it is a lightweight fabric, it is not see-through when worn.

Can tan through suits be worn in a tanning salon?
Yes, but depending on the type of lamps used and their placement, the SPF level of the fabric can range from 2 to 20. A pretty wide range! So please be sure to limit your initial exposure to determine what your results will be with each particular tanning device.

How do the sizes run?
Women's tan-through suits run small. Technically, they are true to size measurements, but many other swimwear companies sell swimwear that runs much bigger than true, so our tan-through suits run small in comparison. When selecting your size, please remember that the tan through suits should fit comfortably, and should not be tight.


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