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Tan-Thru Swimsuits: It's Like Tanning Naked

How many years have people been complaining about tan lines caused by their bathing suits? Tan-thru swimsuits help you get an even, full-body tan while wearing your suit. What could be better - a unique tan-thru swimsuit technology that has helped solve these frustrating tan line concerns. Of course, not everyone enjoys basking in the sun, but for sure no one likes ugly tan lines, be it on the farmer or otherwise.

There are one and two piece tan-thru swimsuits for women including sexy bikinis and some very pretty sarongs and wraps that you can wear as beach/resort cover-ups. You'll find swim shorts, surf boarding shorts and Speedo style swimsuits for men and in addition, some cool sports shirts that will keep you cool all day long due to the wicking fabric that allows your skin to breathe and helps evaporate perspiration as quickly as possible. Tan-thru swimsuits also come in a wide selection of colors, patterns and sizes.

The tan-thru swimsuit  acts as a medium level sunscreen and when you’re outdoors it’s best to use an SPF6-10 or higher under your tan thru suit to build a base tan safely and naturally. You will also want to use sunscreen on your exposed skin to even out what your covered skin experiences through the different SPF of the suit. Why would you wear a regular swimsuit again when you can get everything and more including a full body tan while wearing a tan thru swimsuit? You should take comfort in knowing that tan-thru swimsuits are not see-through when either wet or dry.

Another factor regarding tan thru swimsuits is that you have the option of wearing them while in a tanning bed. You don’t have to worry about tanning in the buff if this would make you uncomfortable in order to smooth out your tan lines. In fact, don’t bother changing into anything at the tanning bed place. You can wear your swimsuit under your clothes and when you get there just remove whatever outer clothing you have on and then hop onto the tanning bed.

Technically you will find that the tan-thru swimsuits run by your actual size and other swimwear lines choose to create their suits based on larger size scales. This is important to make sure you receive the best fit with your new tan-thru swimsuit. It is important to note that if you are planning on purchasing a tan-thru swimsuit that the women’s sizes run a bit smaller than normal.

Finally, there is a way to even out your tan lines safely and naturally, right thru your swimsuit! With the popularity of tan-thru swimsuit technology ever increasing there will be many more styles to look forward to. Now you can enjoy the sun and not once worry about the uneven tan lines or how many times to flip over to make sure you get an even tan. So when tanning naked is not an option to removing those ugly tan lines, the next best thing is a tan-thru swimsuit.

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