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Who Knew A Tan-Through Bikini
Like This Even Existed?

I tried on a tan-through bikini for the first time! I thought what you're probably thinking right now- "yeah, right, this isn't going to work!” However, once I put it on, I found that it did exactly what the tan-through technology said it was going to do.

The material is very easy to take care of and is very durable. For example, when I'm playing beach volleyball, I'm diving into the sand after the ball, jumping up to spike the ball and I still have everything intact, if you know what I mean. This is a good thing! You will also have the peace of mind knowing that the tan-through bikini is NOT see through when either wet or dry. A tan-through bikini washes well and is fast drying which makes it a great travel partner.

The tan through bikini is made from a lightweight fabric with millions of tiny invisible pores. These pores keep you cool and dry by letting perspiration out, and at the same time it allows you to get that all over tan by letting half the sunlight through.

Always remember that when you are wearing a tan through bikini your entire body is getting sun and not only your exposed skin. Always wear at least a SPF 6-10 or higher under your tan through bikini because your skin is now getting sun for the first time so protect yourself accordingly. Your new bikini acts as a medium level sunscreen and for some people this is enough protection, for others it is not. It is better to use more sunscreen than too little at first until you build a base tan. There will be areas of your body that will want to sing and dance after experiencing a dose of vitamin D rays. This is normal. Anyway, let’s leave the singing and dancing for another article.

The bikini has always been the bathing suit of choice for me. Bikinis have transformed into an entirely new realm of advancement for women’s swimwear that now allows women to wear their favorite style bikini without compromising style for functionality. It is also very important to make sure you receive the best fit with a tan-through bikini so please take note that the women’s sizes run a bit smaller than normal.

I am now a very loyal tan-through bikini wearer and have a variety of tan through bikinis that make me look hot but feel cool all day long! I feel that I have the best of both worlds- an even tan with no lines and a great-fitting bikini, all in one.

By taking the proper suntanning precautions in the beginning you will be sure to enjoy many more tan-through worthy days in the sun safely and naturally. You see, guys are attracted to tans they can’t see. Some call it a 6th sense - I call it a tan-through bikini.

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