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Most people have seen the advertisements for tan-through swimwear but have you ever considered some of the benefits to wearing one? Not only does it help you avoid some of that sticky and oily sunscreen protection that you need to wear and reapply when you are in the sun, but it also gives you that all over tan without having to go around in limited clothing to do so. Whether you are alone in the backyard or at a public beach, you can achieve an all over tan without the hassle of tan lines by wearing the appropriate clothing.

What are some of the drawbacks to tan-through swimwear? Perhaps at the time the fashion or technology did not quite meet your expectations? Did you feel that perhaps you would not get adequate sunscreen protection in those private areas? Not to fear. Now the technology and the swimwear come fully complete with at least a level 6 SPF rating. Perhaps the fashion and the protection were not exactly a concern as much as the comfort level of the merchandise? Your comfort is also 100% guaranteed by the right company that offers this no tan line swimwear and other tan through clothing.

One of the great things about the tan-through swimwear is the variety of fashion flattering styles that are available. Not only does the line cover women's 1 piece and 2 piece swimsuits, but there are swim shorts for men as well. Perhaps if you are spending time in the sun where a swimsuit is not exactly appropriate, there are tan through shirts available made of the same material. No one wants a farmer’s tan, especially when you are playing a game of tennis or driving with your window down. With the appropriate tanning clothing options you do not have to worry about the sleeve length and off colored arms.

There are two minor issues that you can avoid by wearing tan-through swimwear. One, the protection of the microsol fabric, otherwise known as the micro-soft material that allows the sun to seep through, is already built in. Secondly, once you build a base tan using sunscreen over your entire body in conjunction with your tan-thru swimsuits, there will be less of a need for using more messy lotions or oils that you’ll have to apply again to those surrounding sensitive areas.

When it comes time to reapplying the lotions, use your best judgment because people have different skin tones and pigment. There are those who may not burn as easily as others and you do not want to be exposed to the sun without sunscreen if you know you have fair skin. You should only stay out in the sun for a few hours at a time at first to give your body a chance to adjust to the healthy dose of vitamin D from the sun’s rays. Once you have built a base tan you will see that it will be easier to tan through your swimwear and maintain that all over tan.

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