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Finding The Right Tan Through Bikini
Is It Mission Impossible?

Wouldn't it be nice if you didn't have to worry about tan lines when you wear that beautiful sun dress or tank top after lying on the beach? Well, guess what? Now you don't. You can now wear a tan through bikini or one-piece that is fashionable and tan all over. And your friends won’t even notice it is tan through!

You know how it is. You lie in the sun at the beach or pool hoping to get a nice tan that will look great when you are out and about later. You move your straps all over to get an even tan without lines. You lie on your back and unhook your suit to avoid lines. It can get cumbersome and frustrating, especially if you have to jump up quickly. With a tan through bikini that allows the sun's rays to enter through it at the protection level of a sunscreen with SPF 6, you can tan without the lines.

Tan through bikini’s let the sun shine in, so to speak and come in the most popular styles and designs. To look at them, you wouldn't even know that they aren't like any other swimsuit. There are even accessories such as sarongs, shirts and shorts to match. You will always be in style when sporting a bikini like this. They come in various styles, and colors as well. They have Brazil-cut bottoms, string bikini bottoms, halter tops, and string bikini tops. You can't go wrong when choosing. There is a swimsuit for every body and every taste.

Another important factor that separates the tan through bikini from ordinary swimwear is that the fabric is porous and smooth which allows the skin underneath to breathe easily as it tans. It keeps you cooler as well and doesn't trap moisture as others do. The tan through swimwear also dries quickly which makes it more comfortable for lounging.
Since you can tan through the swimwear, you must realize that you can also burn. It has a medium-level sunscreen protection, so you should use sun block all over your body before putting on your bikini. Remember the limits on being in the sun as well to protect your skin. Try not to spend too much time in the sun during the peak hours and limit time in the sun each day. Tanning slowly while wearing a tan through bikini will assure you of a nice even and beautiful tan.
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