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Tan-Thru Swimwear
The Fight Between Me and My Tan Lines

When I heard about tan-thru swimwear I was quite skeptical at first but I have to admit that this feeling was soon overtaken by my need to get rid of my tan lines, which I hated so much! I was willing to give this a try even though I had never heard of tan-thru swimwear before.

When I would go to the beach, I would always be thinking about my tan lines! Whether I was wearing a one piece bathing suit or a skimpy bikini it seemed like there was absolutely no way to avoid tan lines. I love sunbathing and could spend the entire day lying on the beach and taking in as much vitamin D from the sun as possible but I always seemed to have a problem with the strap lines or tan lines. I just couldn’t get rid of my tan lines!

Once I learned exactly how the tan-thru swimwear worked my first question was obvious:
Is it see-through? The answer is no! Boy, what a relief! I obsess over many things and this does not have to be one of them. Please let me just enjoy a small part of life without having to freak out about whether my tan-thru swimwear is see-through or not. I assure you it is not. And for the guy's tan-thru swimwear, everything has been taken care of around that area as well so no worries and you still get to keep your composure.

My second question, at least to me seemed just as obvious: Can I get a sunburn wearing a tan thru swimwear product? The answer is of course yes. Tan-thru swimwear works just as a medium level sunscreen SPF6-10 and if you are someone with fair skin or who generally relies on a more powerful sunscreen then make sure to apply the proper sunscreen level as necessary and you should be fine. You should always continue using sunscreen even with tan thru swimwear so you build that base tan.

Tan-thru swimwear works by using a special knitting technology that creates millions of tiny pores in the fabric that allows an estimated half of the sunlight through your suit to provide your entire body with an even tan. This process can be compared to that of a medium level sunscreen. It is the tiny pores in the fabric that allows your skin to breathe which keeps you cool and comfortable and helps any perspiration evaporate or wick away from your skin as quickly as possible.

You can even wear tan thru swimwear to the tanning salon. The fabric works well with an SPF level of 2-20 and this is a great range to work with. Now you won’t feel like you have to be completely naked in the tanning bed and will be far more comfortable tanning through your new tan-thru suit! You can wear your swimsuit under your clothes so you can just remove whatever outer clothing you don’t want to wear then hop onto the tanning bed.

Now you can enjoy the sun and not once worry about the uneven tan lines or how many times to flip over to make sure you get an even tan. Let the fight between me and my tan lines begin!

You can fight with your tan lines or you can take the easy way and
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